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    Hearing an annoying drip during winter, or are you seeing a stain forming on your roof?
    Roof leaks can cause damage to your property, from simple staining in your house or on the eaves to much more serious property damage. Locating these leaks can be tricky, luckily Ryan has an eagle eye and years of experience.


    Valleys are the main channel for water to travel where different sections of your roof meet and so can be a major source of leaks. It could be because the valley itself has rusted, is blocked or the lip of the valley isn’t big enough to manage Perth’s heavy rain. Valleys are a major cause of leaks if water jumps the lip or falls through a rust holes and can cause staining of the eaves or your ceiling.

    Because they carry so much water when it rains it is important to have rust free valleys and flashings on tiled and metal roofs.


    Rusted of blocked gutters and downpipes can cause major damage to your eaves and ceiling spaces during winter. Water can build up in your blocked gutter and pour back into your roof space causing staining or potential ceiling collapse. Ryan will clean your gutters and downpipes inspecting for any rust and removing any blocked debris.

    If your gutters and downpipes need replacing, RC Morris contracting can provide and obligation free quote. Ryan uses Colorbond® steel, Zincalume® steel, aluminium and galvanized products. Whether it be a residential gutter repair or custom box gutters for a commercial property Ryan can assist.


    If you are struggling in the heat of summer then if could be that the roof is storing too much hot air. Roof vents are important to let that hot air escape and ensure that you aren’t living in a hot box.

    Ryan can install what you need to make it through the summer, from whirly birds to sky lights.


    Ryan is a qualified roof plumber with over 15 years’ experience and offers a complete roofing solution. If you’ve got hard to find leaks or looking to extend the life of your roof look no further than RC Morris Contracting.

    Ryan is committed to delivering quality workmanship in all aspects of the roofing industry.

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